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Together We Can…Together We Will!  We Identify and serve the greatest needs of our own community:  This past year has been especially hard on families with children working in the service industry, health care and first responders.  As we all “heal” from COVID, we must work together. 

Last year we provided funds to 13 agencies in Leavenworth County totaling $75,000 and raised another $26,000 in Grants for rent, food and utilities directly to 5 non-profit front-line organizations.   United Way’s drug discount program resulted in $46,000 in savings for Leavenworth County residents.  UW Staff and the UW 211 referral program obtained services for over 700 residents.   

Working with our community service partners, United Way of Leavenworth County is working to improve the lives of those in need. We focus on advancing health, education and income stability. 

So many in the Leavenworth county community are asking how they can help during this difficult and certain time. With the ongoing challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, the need for services continues to grow.  We are fielding calls nearly every day, from families that have never asked for help before.  Both mother and father of a family of four, for example, have been working for years, and they are finding themselves out of work with zero income for the first time in their lives.

Another of our priorities is behavioral health and addiction intervention. This issue affects all our areas of impact. Sadly, our society has broken down to the point where behavioral health and addiction intervention is a crisis. We see it on the streets, in our schools, and the homeless shelter, in the food shelters, in the workplace and just about everywhere we look. The United Way advocates for and allocates a priority of our funds towards tackling this crisis in our community. We are working to support and heal our community during this trying time.  


Basehor-Linwood Assistance Services

Catholic Charities

First Judicial CASA

Leavenworth County Special Olympics

The Leavenworth Mission

Mental Health America of the Heartland

Richard Allen Cultural Center

Saint Vincent Clinic

Special Needs Advocacy Partnership   

Womens Community Y